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  1. Love the sequences and how each group has its own effect going on. Ron is very helpful and willing to answer all the crazy sequencing questions I come up with. Thank you for the great service.
    Ryan Walter
  2. Last year was my first year with animated lights. I bought a few of Ron's sequences and loved them so this year I bought the yearly membership. You can beat it for the price and there are no other sequences out there that are as good as his!!
    Ron Hammond
    Submitted 17-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  3. In my first year of xlights, I started out in a competitor's sequence club. That worked well to fill my content for the show. But, I purchased one of Ron’s sequences (Proud), and it stole the show at Christmas time. I received a ton of comments on how great that song looked. From that moment, I knew the next year I was going to join Xtreme Sequences. I’ve been very pleased with the work that Ron does and the videos he posts to help me setup and import his sequences. Will be a member for many years to come thanks to the current songs, latest HD props, and incredible effects!
    Andrew Armstrong
    Submitted 17-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  4. I am one of the original members of the sequence club, I love Ron's work, he give's plenty of info on how to map to your show. I've tried other sequences and they pale in comparision to Ron's sequences. Once you see Ron's work on your own display, you won't want anything else! Also for me, it's a huge time saver, I can't sequence worth a darn nor do I have the time needed for being on call 24/5 each week.
    Jim Evans
  5. I ummed and ared about getting the membership but then Ron and Gilbert engineering did a deal. So I took the plunge. This is definitely going to bring my display to the next level. The membership not only gives you access to the the full catalogue of sequences via a virtual currency (x tokens) but it gives you a load of presets and effects. The only problem now is what sequences do I start with and I might run out of x-tokens. Please sir can I have more.
    Craig Stoten
  6. Ron has the best annual membership plan out there, and his sequences are the best. I’m on my second year and have 15 of Ron’s sequences in my show. Ron is always quick to answer any questions I have; top notch customer service. Give Ron’s annual membership plan a try, you won’t regret it.
    Robert Strickland
    Submitted 17-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  7. Xtreme Sequences is most likely the best value you will have in the RGB/Blinky Flashy community. Not only do you get a host of first class sequences to choose from, but your membership includes discounts to effects packages and even some discounts to some suppliers - This should be your first and last stop for sequences. The sequences are first class and have enough variety that you can map to whatever layout you have and usually just run like that - but I know Ron has been known to help his people out if they have some troubles with getting the sequences to get up and go. You may find a sequence here and there at other sites, but I have not found the sheer volume of good ones in one place anywhere else - thats my story and I am sticking to it!
    Bernie Jeckell
  8. I love XS sequences, and they're always popular with viewers too. The depth of the sequences, the sub modelling is second to none. My show has grown from tiny to pretty small, but the sequences grow with my show. They will make up the bulk of my playlist this year, and no doubt next....and the one after....and....
    Stuart Milton
    Submitted 17-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  9. I am loving my annual membership with xTreme Sequences. Ron is a awesome sequencer who makes the songs come alive. He also is there for you when you need help with whatever issue you have. My only negative is he keeps adding more and more props to his display and making me what to expand mine even more, I only have so much money you know Ron. I also like that he updates older sequences so they include the new props that keep coming out. My display looks so much better with Ron's sequences in it. Thanks Ron.
    Javan Jensen
    Submitted 17-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  10. xTreme Sequences annual membership was a no brainer after trying out a couple sequences. Ron concentrates on individual high density models which is where my show is moving. These effects really make the sequences on xTreme Sequences a step above the others in my opinion. The annual membership allows me to get a lot of sequences at a good deal.
    Joshua Burke
    Submitted 17-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  11. Extreme sequences is my big easy button. I set up my show and Ron does his magic. I import and shuckalucka BAMaLAMA! Show is ready. Thank you [email protected] sequences!!
    Jeff Woolums
  12. This is my 3rd year in RGB pixels and 1st year as an annual member. Xtreme Sequences is by far the most detailed sequencing at the sub model level / HD prop level to really make your display pop. Great selection of songs and you choose which songs you want to put in your lineup. Songs are easy to map to your display. Awesome how to videos and large Facebook group following for support.
    David Motter
    Submitted 17-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  13. I've been an annual member since Ron started the annual membership. I use only his sequences in my display. Why would I use any others when I already have the best? I have Ron to thank for my house being displayed on season 8 of The Great Christmas Light Fight! Thanks Ron! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
    Roger DeBolt
  14. Welllll let me be the first to say without blowing sunshine up ur ...... lol..... never an issue great organization, Ron kinda knows his stuff lol.....actually never had any issues top notch service
  15. My second year using Ron’s sequences . There really is no other sequencer who provides the detail across multiple display elements like Ron does. Always provides great support to the lighting community across social media or direct via email. The annual membership is also a great option if time is of the essence. 5 stars from me.
    Martin Penney
  16. This will be my first year in the hobby, so signing up to the annual membership from Ron has been a massive help for me as well as having assistance from him with other issues I have encountered. His sequences are absolutely mind-blowing and having mapped them across to my layout with great ease, I know that our audience is going to be blown away with what they see. Many Thanks Ron
    Simon Jones
  17. Ron’s sequences are second to none. The inclusion of high density props and his ability to manipulate effects make these sequences stand out above others. As a new person to the hobby this year Ron has given a huge amount of help with setting things up and is always more than willing to offer guidance and assistance.
    Matthew Richards
    Submitted 17-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  18. Ron does some amazing work, especially on really detailed high density props. If you are looking for some spectacular and detailed effects you cannot go wrong with Ron’s sequencing I also love that you can choose which sequences you want to get with your tokens when you join the club and aren’t forced to have your songs picked for you on a monthly basis. Xtreme is the best bang for the buck.
    Mark Harnishfeger
  19. Ron is a true master at sequencing and the value he provides for an annual membership is a no brainer. His sequences not only look great on any layout but also tell a story.
    Michael Ouellette
  20. Xtreme Sequences is the greatest and best sequence services you can have. The sequences they provide are the most Xtreme sequence you can have for your light show either residential or commercial. I have their annual membership and it pays for itself with all the great discounts I get with their vendor partnership and I get around 8-12 sequences annually which is a deal for me. So go sign up and join a great membership with great support.
    James Blue
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