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    Who is kidding who. This can be a very complicated hobby no matter how long you have been creating awesome light displays and light shows. The needle is constantly moving so keeping up is difficult. Running my business full time has afforded me the luxury to take much of this in and use it to help others with theirs. This is one of the reasons I am known for xtraordinary service. Having a background in technology and training gives me a unique set of skills to humanize complex information so you don't feel left out of any conversation. How and When questions are overused while the most important question, Why, is too often ignored. When you work with me you will quickly realize why Why is so important. 

    I work with clients in one of two ways:  Project based and/or Hourly based. I will make sure you understand the differences and make suggested either way based on initial meetings. No two situations are the same. 

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