Upcoming Events

Yaphank Fire Department 31 Main Street Yaphank NY 1198012th April, 2024 - 14th April, 2024

Long Island, New York 3-Day Hands-On xLights Training

Day 1: (Optional but recommended)
  • Introduction to xLights
  • Discussion of relevant terminology
  • Exploration of tabs and menus in xLights
  • Demonstration of their relevance for successful light shows
  • Basic networking
Day 2:
  • Layout and design of a house using xLights
  • Best practices and do’s and don’ts of layout design
  • Model group order and management 
  • Management of models in 2D and 3D
  • Creating submodels/submodel groups
  • Importing submodels/groups
  • Creation and testing of a layout with configured controllers
Day 3:
  • Preparation of xLights before mapping or creating sequences
  • Mapping a sequence to a layout
  • Sequencing practices
  • Sending an xLights show to controllers and a show player
  • Learning how to use FPP
  • Examination of xSchedule and its differences
  • Creating a playlist
  • Learning best practices for testing lights and show
A USB thumb drive will have each student's exercise files and resources. Pre-class evaluations and communication will be sent out to help you prepare for your xLights learning journey.

TBD15th July, 2024 - 17th July, 2024

The Christmas Expo 3-Day xLights Hands-On Workshop

TBD19th July, 2024 - 19th July, 2024

The Christmas Expo 1-Day xLights Sequencing Hands-On Workshop