Upcoming Events

Lexington, Kenutcky10th July, 2023 - 12th July, 2023

Christmas Expo xLights Intensive 3-Day Hands-On

  • Introduction to xLights and its story
  • Discussion of relevant terminology
  • Exploration of every tab and menu in xLights
  • Demonstration of their relevance for successful light shows
Day 2:

  • Layout and design of a house using xLights
  • Best practices and do’s and don’ts of layout design
  • Management of models in 2D and 3D
  • Creation and testing of a layout with configured controllers
Day 3:

  • Preparation of xLights before mapping or creating sequences
  • Mapping a sequence to a layout
  • Sending an xLights show to controllers and a show player
  • Examination of xSchedule and its differences
  • Learning best practices for testing lights and show

Lexington, Kentucky14th July, 2023 - 14th July, 2023

Christmas Expo xLights Sequencing 1-Day

  • Exploration of effects and their unique value to a light show
  • Management of timings, effects, color options, layer blending, layer settings, value curves, bulk edit, and sequence views
  • Singing Faces
  • Advanced mapping techniques

Oxford, United Kingdom9th September, 2023 - 10th September, 2023

3rd Annual 2023 ELF Mini

New this Year: As we are expanding each year and the Mini goes from strength to strength, we are also offering a (very) limited opportunity for a select few to have a day with Ron on the Friday before the mini, at the same location where you will have a mapping masterclass. You will take a sequence of Rons and work through end to end the process of optimising your layout, including the order of props, groups and sub models, and mapping along with Ron to make the sequence look the absolute best it possibly can on your layout, and walking away from the day with a finished product ready to run on your home. The price for this will be £100 per person.
MAPPING MASTERCLASS with Ron Howard, Friday - £100 per person.
Also as a special treat for weekend stayers on Sunday, there will be a free lesson provided by Ben Dudley on how to hold a hot plate for beginners.