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  1. I decided to go from LOR to xlights and Ron was very helpful. My first year using xlights and pixels couldn't have gone any better. Now working on our shows second year and Ron's sequences keep making the show better an better.
    Steve Hanzak
    Submitted 18-08-2020 in Consultation Testimonials
  2. I new getting into this hobby that there were going to multiple mountains to climb. Ron has helped with climbing all of them, but most of all his sequences have helped complete the story that the song is attempting to tell! Love his work!
    Jon Ihasz
    Submitted 18-08-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  3. This is my second year as an Annual Member. I haven’t been disappointed. Yes, the sequences are a cut above any you will find with other vendors and will look great on your display, but that’s not why I joined. I took to following Ron when he first made the leap from LOR to pixels and xLights posting his journey all along the way—trial-and-error moments and victory breakthroughs. I could relate because it reminded me of my struggles four years earlier in an effort to make the WHOLE THING work. The difference was he wasn’t afraid to expose himself to the world about the process. Then, when I saw what he brought to the sequence side and how in one season he accomplished what I tried three seasons to do, I said, “This guy has something I’m missing.” So, I just watched his progress. Each new sequence would have something in it that made me go WOW! I joined to learn. I didn’t join to be lazy. I love this extravagant hobby. I spend time on the timeline looking at those WOW places and try to pick it apart and use it to develop my skills. He is a MASTER at this — that’s who you learn from. So, if your trying to decide if the subscription is worth it, it is. Either way, if you want a ready to go sequence, or like me, you want to look under the hood, it is more than worth the price of admission. Don’t wait! Join today! You will be glad you did.
    Eddie Worthy
    Submitted 18-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  4. I am new to Xlights, and somewhat new to RGB lighting. I was very comfortable with LOR software and AC switching, but decided to take the plunge this year. Ron helped me with a few questions in Facebook X-Light support groups, and was just some random nice guy. Finally someone in responding to him mentioned he had a store, so I looked him up and joined his Facebook sequence group. I signed up a few days later. The annual membership is perfect compared to others... no limited selections, no monthly time limits, and great great actual sequencing. I am late in and have no gotten a single sequence... because I can enjoy that luxury. As I finish designing my layout I will pick all my shows soon and start mapping (I test mapped and it is relatively easy!) I also already paid off a good part of my membership using his discount from other vendors as I set up a new show. Highly recommended, from a person with not even a single blinky light going yet, but who is now well on his way.
    John Kroha
    Submitted 18-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  5. For anyone that has spent time in xLights trying to build your own sequences, you'll quickly realize the annual membership is worth every penny. Ron sequences are the best in the business and it's not close!
    Jeremy Steele
    Submitted 18-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  6. Love the annual membership and the benefits associated with it! This year the membership more than paid for itself with the vendor discounts alone, before even considering the sequences you can add to your show from his ever expanding collection. The sequences made available to the members are top shelf, and it's my opinion there are none better.
    Don McCrosky
    Submitted 18-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  7. I’ve been an annual member since before there was a thing. I have yet to use a single token, but they’re there waiting in the shadows for when I actually decide to throw it all together. I originally signed up for the tips and advice through this site, but when they throw an annual membership out at a low price, well I guess I’m a sucker for a deal. Hopefully will get a show together and get some of these mapped out soon!
    Darren Hawkins
  8. Ron Howard, lives, works and breathes Christmas Lights, not only does he have some of the best sequences in the industry, he is also one of the most generous with his time, teaching and producing videos for people all around the world. I’m at the risk of inflating his ego a little too much so In terms of balance I’ll say that the membership is lacking in terms of culturally significant British classics, but he’s working on them
    Dom Hodgson
  9. What's not to like? Ron's sequences are hands down the best on the market, rather than a few whole house effects and clashing colours. The attention to detail, use of sub-modeling, and using some to the biggest and best HD props to full effect, sets these sequences miles above the rest. Ron's musicality also shows, and understanding the use of negative space cannot be under estimated. The annual membership means each of these stunning pieces of artwork are very reasonably priced. Add this on top of the approachable-ness, and what Ron gives back to the community, and it's a winner all around. And as an aside, starting to do some more EU focused sequences is much appreciated. Just waiting for Slade to drop...
    Tim Mortlock
  10. We joined the Xtreme annual membership this year and haven't looked back. There is a wealth of information to gain from the forum along with effects that can be used on almost anything. The sequences are fantastic and should you get into any problems Ron is extremely happy to help out.
  11. Ron is always working to make your light shows better. He is never satisfied with "It's Ok." He always is pushing the edge to integrate sequencing and technology is create that wow factor. Trust him, you will not be disappointed!
    Eric Meyer
    Submitted 18-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  12. Have been an annual member now for a year now. Xtreme sequences is a accepting of all. Doesnt matter if you are from another country or have 2 or 4 legs. Xtreme sequences welcomes you all and doesnt tease or treat anyone in a unjust manner. Keep up the good work Ron!
    Jeffrey Perry
  13. Ron fights to be on the cutting edge of the hobby and creates unique sequences which produce excitement and uniqueness in every members display, large or small. That edge is what has taken our display from small and ordinary to something special in our community. Thanks Ron!
    Rita Friedman
    Submitted 18-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  14. This is my first year using xTreme Sequences and my second year with xLights. Yes, you can get cheaper sequences, even free sequences, but there is a reason Ron charges a premium for his sequences...they are simply worth it. * He has support for many high density props. * He has began going back and adding high density props to older layouts * He responds to support questions (both email and facebook)
    Paul Thomas
    Submitted 18-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  15. Been an annual member for 2 seasons, so far. My show wouldn’t be what it is today without xtreme sequences. From the amazing sequences, to being able to reference Ron’s home layout and setup, the membership is totally worthwhile. His sequences are definitely crowd favorites!
  16. I changed over to RGB pixels 2 years ago, from regular led Christmas lights. I have used more than a few of Ron's Xtreme sequences. Always a huge crowd pleaser. Top quality sequences that are incredibly easy to adapt to your show. Thank you Ron!!!!
    Kent's Holiday Madness
  17. xTreme Sequences and their network provide great advice, resources, connection and friendship in this hobby. I am really pleased to have found them in my first year working with xLights and what begun with concern that I would be in over my head has helped to get to a point where I'm comfortable with the software and should have an awesome display in year one. Secondly, his sequencing style is at an artistic level far beyond my abilities and works well with both small and large displays. It is both the place to start and grow in this hobby.
    Eric Langness
  18. By far some of the best sequence out there. Everything loved the sequences I got from Ron!
    Claudio Joya
    Submitted 18-08-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  19. Xtreme Sequences is most likely the best value you will have in the Pixel RGB community. As a first time member not only do you get the best seasonal sequences to choose from, but your membership includes discounts to effects packages, access to previous effects and even some discounts to popular vendors! He's very quick to respond to any of my questions and active in the fb community ! He's funny, extremely talented in sequencing and I bet he can party! He's the best friend I wished I had but never got to meet!
    Submitted 18-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  20. Ron provides a superior product and a superior value compared to the others. I feel more like Ron understands the feel of the music vs just a light show that has music playing! His sequences are often the favorite of the viewers and year after year they want to see them over and over again!
    Alan Womack
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