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  1. They have great pre-made sequences, quick service, and help when you need it. I lost my files and they have them stored for quick downloads. Thanks, Extreme Sequences.
    Paul Wilhoite
  2. When I started this hobby I didn’t know there was someone out there making sequences. I plodded along with my own efforts but was never really pleased with the results. Then I found xTreme sequences and this group. I bought a sequence which was on offer and it was several levels above what I was doing. I loved it. I bought more over last few months in readiness for my 2020 show. Ron puts so much work into his sequences that is how he makes them so amazing. Not only that, but he puts so much into the community through Zoom meeting, tutorials and help though the groups.
    Robert John Milton
    Submitted 11-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  3. My audience and I have been very impressed with Ron’s sequences from the start! The attention to detail is superb, the additional submodels often making the difference between a good sequence and a great one! I even had a lighting designer from the BBC comment on how professional my show looked.. thanks again Ron, look forward to working with you on our 2020 Show!
    Greg Macaree
    Submitted 11-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  4. I have been designing light shows since the early days of Vixen when ramp up/down of dumb light strings was high-tech! Coincidentally that is about the extent of my artistic eye. I am a musician and while I love sequencing and find it fun I am limited by my 'artistic eye' as my artistic ability lies more in my ear for the music. I found the 'light canvas' I painted unimaginative and frankly boring. My sequences tended to blind my audiences with "BRIGHT" or splash them with colors that didn't match the mood....as I just COULD NOT see how to apply my 'light brush' to give my display an artistic look. I would have to say I was drawing stick men in the yard and with Ron's sequences I've now found water color landscapes! The reaction from my crowds is remarkable and they wonder what new technology I've discovered that allows such attention to detail and nuisance with the music. The musician in me is especially appreciative of Ron's ability to make his effects music-centric... If a light show to music isn't showing the 'beat' to some degree it's no better than fireworks to music which I've never found synchronized to any appreciable degree. Ron's sequences leave no doubt that they are integrated with the music! Simply AWESOME eye and ear coordination! As time has passed I have incorporated some of Ron's techniques in my own sequences and what was fun before has now become a pure pleasure. While I still don't have the artistic eye at least when I intersperse my sequences in with Ron's my sequences are now exponentially better than in the past. They still lack the eye that Ron puts to the 'light canvas' but are at much better now. The good news is I know where to go when I want something spectacular. One last thought. I spent years as a customer service consultant so I understand and KNOW good customer service when I see it. Ron is 'Johnny On The Spot' when it comes to questions about how or why he set something up the way he did. I know many top companies who pale in comparison with Ron's customer relations/service. His 'trick' is simple. He cares!
    Carl Garrett
    Submitted 11-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  5. I was looking to add a couple extra songs to my show and fell in love with the work done to bring out the feeling of “At The Cross”. There are lots of companies selling Xlights sequences but XtreamSequences captures the emotion of the song. I continue to be a customer for years to come.
    Richard Schultz
  6. I am extremely happy to be an XtremeSequence member and customer! Ron's sequences really give my show that "WOW" factor. Ron is like Beethoven, first he writes his music (creates sequence}, then, using his baton (hands and keyboard), he guides the orchestra (props), keeping the tempo and beat in time with the music. What comes next results in a masterpiece!! So many people stop and video parts of my show, and I can hear them saying "How?" The audience is always in awe. My families 2 favorites, so far, are, At the Cross, and Into the Unknown. Do yourself a favor, if you are not a member, become one, if you haven't bought a sequence from XtremeSequence, buy one. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Ron for another great year!!
    James Dopp
    Submitted 11-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  7. I bought the sequence for Let It Go from the movie frozen. Such outstanding effects. It was the most popular sequence by far given the reactions of the crowds and requests for it to be played.
    Bob Gray
  8. I am amazed in the detail of Ron's sequences! This was my second year in having an xLights display and I made it a point to have about a dozen sequences from Ron in my Halloween, Christmas and New Years show. The color, the movement and how my props look after easily mapping to my display, Ron made me look like a genius! Great compliments on my show from everyone! Can't wait to see the new sequences!!!
    Lowell Hake
  9. I really love Xtremesequences ! This was my first year with X-lights and I was struggling with making a sequence that had those super cool effects that Xlights is know for. So when I got on to Ron's web site I was blown away with the amount of sequences and effects that were available. I didn't even know that you could purchase just an effect instead of a whole sequence so that was a pleasant surprise. Me being who I am of course had to check out some other sites that were selling sequences before I did anything else and there are some good ones but what keeps me coming back here is that this site is MUCH more user friendly, easy to navigate and to me just looks a heck of a lot more professional, plus as a newbie on this I didn't have to dig around to try and figure how to import a sequence and get it to work with my display. Ron even jumped on a ZOOM call with me a couple of times to help me out and that in itself is worth it's weight in Christmas Gold! My display this year (with the help of XtremeSequences ) won 1st place in the local neighborhood contest! Thanks Ron for this spectacular website and all your help!!
    Bill Gresens
    Submitted 11-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  10. 2019 was my first year working with sequenced Christmas Lights. Overwhelming is an understatement. I was able to figure out the things needed to get lights to blink. It was a major help to have professional sequences from xtreme sequences to have. Sequencing takes time and I didn’t have enough time for this part.
    Myles Frohling
    Submitted 11-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  11. I ran LOR last year and decided I wanted to dive into the xLights pixel world this year. I stumbled across Ron Howard with Xtreme Sequeneces website. I’ve watched countless tutorial videos to help get me up to speed that came with the learning curve of everything being new. Definitely very informative and his sequences are on a different level compared to the competition out there!
    Mike Brown
  12. I have been doing pixel displays for a few years now and I am good on the hardware side but on the sequencing side I lack. I have several of Ron's sequences and they are beautiful. He has a great talent for making the songs come alive and draw you in to the music with how he artfully programs the lights to dance and move with the music. Thank you Ron from xTreme Sequences for making my show that much better. I get great comments from my viewers of my show and it is usually from the songs that Ron has done.
    Javan Jensen
    Submitted 11-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  13. This is my first year using pixels and xlights. I sat in on one of Ron's classes and saw how easy he made it to map any of his sequences to my layout. I joined his club and was able to choose from the best sequences in the business. I am looking forward to many more years of ease and fun using xtreme sequences for my light show. Than ks Ron for making it so easy !
    James Crickenberger
    Submitted 11-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  14. This was my first year having a light show and Ron's sequences were a hit in my show! There are alot of good vendors to choose from in this hobby but his style fits my taste the most. The skrillex medley by far is the most popular in my show. The help ron also provides is unparalleled and hes a funny guy too!
    Ron Hammond
    Submitted 11-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  15. Even though I'm full AC. This gets me excited for what is to become. I purchased 2 sequences for New year's and without doing a lot of modeling at all. You could tell how much hard work went into making it. I'm sure once I step into the pixel my display and your sequences will make my display a must see. Thank you Ron for all your technical support too
    Colby christensen
  16. Using Ron's sequences now for 2 years and had never had any disappointment. If I ran into a problem, his response was as fast as can be !! Compared to others in this business, his site and support are a example for others. Keep up the awesome job Ron !!!
    Harry Ballemaker
    Submitted 11-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  17. I used 3 Xtremesequences songs this year in my show. The fan favorite was Toy Shack by Bob Rivers. The level of detail they go into for each and every prop is amazing. The Rosa Wreath is just non stop and stunning in that song and it actually helped people realize there’s other props in my display other than the mega tree! I want to take a moment to personally thank their team for everything they do and for making my display have a couple of stand out sequences!
    David Riojas
  18. I’ve been working with animating lighting for just over 1 year and I absolutely love the way Ron does his sequences!! He makes so many unique effects and the way he mixes things together is truly amazing!! I’ve received so many compliments about how great the lights and songs were on my display this year and that’s all thanks to Ron!! I’ve also had some questions along the way and Ron was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and responded right away! I would highly recommend him to anyone out there that’s looking for sequences or that needs consultation services.
    Brian Doogan
    Submitted 11-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  19. Next level sequences! Ron’s sequences map so well to my display including A.C props. Support from Ron is also great always quick to respond to emails and so many “How to” video available on the web from him. Il be back for more this year that’s for sure...
    Martin Penney
    Submitted 11-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  20. I live in the Uk and one of my items on my bucket list was to be able to do a pixel light show ( I been doing static shows for some 30+ years ) Ron Howard help me fulfil this dream , with out his great patience and understanding using some of his fabulous sequences teaching me how to map them on my display, I would not have been able to do it , not only did Ron show me the best and most efficient way to use xlights he also help me with the pc work needed for my shows to run smoothly
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