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  1. Extreme Sequences will take your show to the next level. It doesn't matter how big or small your show is the sequences will look great.
    Bob McDowell
    Submitted 20-10-2021 in Sequence Testimonials
  2. Having a traditional static display for the past 12 Years, it was time to add animation. First year working With xlights, Ron’s passion and attention to detail is shown in his sequences. They have something for everyone. From a small show to complex HD props. His relationships with vendors and lighting enthusiasts stands out. I have learned so much from his videos, chats and classes. Xtreme Sequences is a full service Solution!
    Lisa Smith-Sablich
  3. I've put more money than I ever plan on telling my wife into my display, the hours I've lost track of. With that being done and behind me I want my display to look its best, and Ron makes that happen. His attention to detail and submodels on many different props make my home come alive. The membership makes the sequences affordable, and if problems arise I know he is available, or the many great people on his Facebook group are ready to help if needed. 5 stars
    Ken Lytle
    Submitted 19-10-2021 in Sequence Testimonials
  4. What can I say about xtreme sequences sequences, the amount of work and creativity spent on each sequence shows. There are many props that can be used from small shows to large. But most of all a great sequence bring big returns, the smiles and your crowd really enjoying themselves. That's all that matters. I wish I had all technology and sequences back in 2002 when I started.
    Les Murray
    Submitted 19-10-2021 in Sequence Testimonials
  5. Ron’s sequences are hands down amazing. The detail, submodel, and layering he does on those props are superb. Highly recommend any xtremesequence.
    Jonathan Landingham
  6. Hi from UK. My little display didn’t warrant a full blown extravagant sequence, but I did buy a few Xtreme “Mega Tree only” sequences. These made all the difference to my display and has encouraged me to look at expanding things further. Even for a beginner like myself, the sequences were very easy to import and all instructions were given. They are very professionally done and look fabulous. I am not at the point, yet, of expanding my display but I know that Xtreme will be my first port of call when I am ready. Excellent..
    Submitted 18-10-2021 in Sequence Testimonials
  7. Let me take this moment to say that the xTreme sequence and Ron have been in my show for 3 years and people are amazed at his work. Excellent job and great customer service. Keep up the good work.
    Ed Molina
  8. It takes a very special talent and creative mind to create sequences to this caliber, Ron has both hands down. He is always there to assist individuals with problems, he’s been in the business for a while so he’s seen and experienced a lot. If you’re looking for some amazing sequences and awesome support, look no further.
    Jeff carder
  9. I have sequences from a number of vendors, but Xtreme sequences are crowd favorites for sure. As others have said if you have tried creating sequences yourself it's obvious just how much Ron puts into creating them. I don't have that kind of time or patience, so I view buying Xtreme sequences as saving time, frustration and ultimately money.
    Ron Nelson
  10. Asked Ron for something a bit different from the norm. Very obliging. Thank you. Excellent service.
    Bill cook
  11. Couldn’t ask for more, the best sequencing around 100 %. Tried it myself and so far up to 100 hrs put in to a 6 minute mega mix. Only once you’ve attempted to do your own sequencing is when you realise how much time, effort and amazing effects Ron puts in to his work. Will always be back for more and the customer service and advise is second to none.
    Nikki Douthwaite
  12. Awsome job at everything I got from this man. Truly worth the money!
  13. I've not got annual membership yet but I will do. I love the sequences Ron makes and they are easy to map across even though I don't have a lot of very high density props. I love that the sequences fit so perfectly to the music. Guess that's the advantage of having a drummer do sequences! Love that you have made this hobby accessible to all and also that I can learn so much from your tutorials and videos. Thank you
    Cathie Burgess
  15. I have always done a large display. I went to a synchronized display in 2006 and everyone enjoyed my show, but to me I was always missing something. It never looked good to me. Then 3 years ago I purchased a sequence from Ron. When I saw my house for the first time I said "Wow, that's what it is supposed to look like!" My house finally looked good to me! As a matter of fact it looked so good that we were asked to compete in Season 8 of "The Great Christmas Light Fight" on ABC. Without Ron's sequences that would never have happened! Thanks to Ron for allowing me to use his sequences on the show. It was an experience that we will never forget and Ron's sequences made that possible! Roger DeBolt
    Roger DeBolt
    Submitted 11-12-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  16. Xtreme Sequences are like no others on the market! If you want to step up your show then Xtreme is the way to go. From the GE high density props to the support that Ron provides I feel like it's a no brainer. You pay for what you get and I truly feel Ron's sequences are a bargain for what you pay. Nothing better on the market!
    Rob Clontz
    Submitted 18-11-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  17. Have you ever watched a movie more than once and noticed something new every time? That is how sequences from xTreme Sequences are. The detail to the sequencing is incredible. The sequencing flows with the emotion of the music as well as hitting at unique notes and beats on high density props. My guests feel the energy that emanates from the intricate use of modeling and complete lack of repetition in the design. I own sequences from other vendors. I ask guests, which sequence was their favorite, 100%, it's always the xTreme Sequences.
    Donny Lloyd
  18. I new getting into this hobby that there were going to multiple mountains to climb. Ron has helped with climbing all of them, but most of all his sequences have helped complete the story that the song is attempting to tell! Love his work!
    Jon Ihasz
    Submitted 18-08-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  19. I changed over to RGB pixels 2 years ago, from regular led Christmas lights. I have used more than a few of Ron's Xtreme sequences. Always a huge crowd pleaser. Top quality sequences that are incredibly easy to adapt to your show. Thank you Ron!!!!
    Kent's Holiday Madness
  20. By far some of the best sequence out there. Everything loved the sequences I got from Ron!
    Claudio Joya
    Submitted 18-08-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
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