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  1. Ron's attention to detail on each sequence is by far the best of all sequencers in the entire Xlights community. No matter how many or few pixels you have on your house it will look amazing. The club membership makes the cost per sequence very affordable.
    Patrick Hagy
    Submitted 18-03-2022 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  2. I’ve invested a decent amount of money into pixels and props so spending money on professional sequences was a no brainer. The annual membership is the way to go as it will save you a lot of money verses buying individual sequences. Also, sequences from Xtreme Sequences will take your light show to the next level. Highly recommended the annual membership.
    Erik Goodwin
  3. Ron's memberships value awesome.... with his amazing sequencing skills and customer service you won't find a better option than with Xtreme Sequences!
    Eric Meyer
    Submitted 19-10-2021 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  4. 2 years into this hobby and I was gravitating towards Ron's sequences, more so than any other vendor. I bit the bullet and purchased an annual membership and have ZERO regrets. His sequences are by far the best and well worth the benefits of an annual membership!
    Jennifer Friday
    Submitted 18-10-2021 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  5. The annual membership is probably the best deal on the market. Between the number of sequences you can get with your membership and the fact you get to pick whatever sequence you want with your tokens, it honestly is a no brained. One thing not talked about much is the fact you get discounts at multiple vendors with the membership. That alone has paid for my xtreme sequence membership this year alone.
    Brad L.
  6. Xtremesequences is where it is at. Ron does some great work on the sequences he provides. He also helps you out, whether its to help map your display to the sequence, answer a question about using xlights, or to review how to set up props in the yard. It is a one stop shop.
  7. I have been an annual member now for a couple of year and started with a small display which has grown to a bigger than small display. The nice thing about Ron sequences is that there are plenty of props in his layouts so that when you grow, they will grow with you. In addition, when you watch a extreme Sequence you can feel the emotion that Ron has put into them. I will be a member for life as the price of the membership is worth it weight in Pixels.
    Lorne Counter
    Submitted 17-10-2021 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  8. I first met Ron before he was into sequencing this deep as a fellow lighting enthusiast. Not only was he welcoming to me personally, he is incredibly helpful in more ways than just sequencing. If you're looking for state-of-the-art current sequences, especially in the high density Gilbert Engineering/Boscoyo props, then you've found the right place. I have enjoyed my annual membership for three years running and await Ron's latest inclusions with interest. Thanks for keeping my display current with your xTreme talents.
    Patrick Haywood
    Submitted 17-10-2021 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  9. The Money Spent on the annual memberships is some of the best money i have spent on this hobby. I would recommend xtreme sequences to anyone doing this hobby.
    Submitted 17-10-2021 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  10. Annual membership well worth the money. !
  11. I have been an annual member for several years now. The price is well worth the small investment. Ron’s knowledge and commitment to the hobby is beyond compare. This, along with the support forum offered on his site, offer phenomenal value in conjunction with the sequences he produces. Highly recommended!
    Mark Meyers
    Submitted 17-10-2021 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  12. What can I say. Without my annual membership, I'd have no show. Worth every penny. The quality of help and available sequences,effects packs is second to none.
    Kyle Ross
    Submitted 17-10-2021 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  13. What can i say other than Excellent. Ron has always assisted with any questions and has supported me when required. His sequences are way above what i have seen elsewhere but quality over quantity is a winner everyday in my mind. Been a member for two years now and every year his sequences just get better and better. Looking forward to renewing next year. Steve
    Steve Parberry
    Submitted 17-10-2021 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  14. I have been an annual member for 2 years now. I have always enjoyed the sequences as they are very well put together. The choice of sequencing and the 'depth' of sequencing detail is to a very high standard. Would recommend.
    Nick W
    Submitted 17-10-2021 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  15. xTreme Sequences has been my go-to for many sequences and support. They have helped me grow and educate myself over the last two years. Ron has always been a positive influence and full of quality knowledge. Being a part of an Annual Membership is really not just about the sequences. It's about the support and friendship everyone in the group shares. We will probably be a lifetime member!
    Robert Bimbi - Bobby and Genee Holiday Lights
    Submitted 07-09-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  16. I’m still pretty new At this whole thing but any help or support I need Ron is always there
  17. Ron has been fantastic. I am so pleased with the attention to detail he puts into each and every sequence. Multiple layers on props not a whole house effect in sight. Rons sequences will look awesome on your house wether you have a huge US style front yard or more modest UK size front garden. Being UK based all sequence vendors seem to focus very heavily on the US market and songs but Ron listened to the UK lighting community and catered for them where no one else has. Keep up the good work.
    Stuart Silk
    Submitted 20-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  18. This is my first year at doing an RGB Light show, I started my planning stage in January and knew that between building all the equipment and props that there would be very little time to understand the sequencing part and be able to complete enough songs for my Halloween and Christmas shows. While there are other companies out there after my research, I decided to go with Xtreme Sequences. I am so glad I did, not only are there Sequences top notch but Ron the owner and creative talent behind the sequences is xtremly helpful in answering all kind of questions and runs a weekly zoom meeting for his community to get together and share ideas, ticks, pitfalls and a few laughs. One of the best decisions I have made getting into the crazy hobby. I’ll be a member for life.
    Lorne Counter
    Submitted 20-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  19. Ron's sequencing is far and away the best there is available for Xlights sequences. The time, dedication, and effort he puts into his sequencing at not just the model, but multiple submodels within each model has set the standard in the industry for lightshows that allow you and your viewers to always find something new each time they see a single sequence play again and again. Even if you do not have all the models in his layout and have just your first year show, his sequences can be applied to any layout and produce amazing results.
    Eric Schulz
    Submitted 19-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  20. Xtreme Sequences has the absolute beat sequences hands down. A great selection of songs for all occasions. The token system is great. Choose what songs you want when you want them.
    Bobby Wilcox
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