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  1. Being an annual member of the xTreme Sequences Club has been an amazing experience. Ron is constantly putting out new selections for both Halloween and Christmas giving me the opportunity to grow both of my shows. His attention to detail is the best I have ever seen in this hobby, as you can truly feel the passion and emotions that he puts into every sequence. Some of the benefits are that you are not pinned down to a choice or one or two songs but can pick from his entire library with the Tokens you receive which cuts the cost down per Sequence to as low as $22.00 a song and the list of discounts can cover the cost of the membership in no time should your show grow. Whether your show is big or small, with all the different props in his layouts you will have no problem mapping to any prop you may have in your own show, and will be the talk of the town.
    Lorne Counter
    Submitted 15-10-2022 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  2. I’ve been an annual member now for 2 years and Extreme Sequences have taken my modest little light show to a whole different level. The quality is unmatched in the lighting community. Not only that, with the vendor discounts, my annual memberships pay for themselves. If that wasn’t enough, there is a free Thursday night zoom meeting where some of the nicest and brightest members of the lighting community get together to help each other out. Truly is the best bang for the buck if you are considering staring a RGB pixel light show, xTreme Sequences Annual Membership.
    Kitty C.
  3. Xtreme sequences is by far the most bang for your buck. I started pixels about 5 years ago and my show was ok using some of the free sequences available online. I became a annual member a few years ago and wow my audience loves the detail in the sequences. Ive tried to make my own but just don’t have the talent or time. Anytime I have had a question or needed copy of music I’ve received a response within a few hours but most the time within minutes. Ron is amazing at what he does and you won’t be disappointed
    Ryan antonioni
  4. I have done Christmas shows for almost ten years now but three years ago I moved into pixels. I’m an engineer by trade but simply don’t have the time or artistic inclination to put together a quality sequence. My time is valuable to me and there’s simply no need to waste my time doing something Ron does so much better and provides at a reasonable price point. I spend a lot of time and effort putting together my show’s physical attributes. To not accompany this effort with top-quality content would be a travesty. xTreme Sequences takes care of this problem for me. I’ve subscribed for two years now simply because the content is amazing. Ron’s attention to detail is incredible. The subscription service allows me to keep my show fresh and even update my sequences from year to year as Ron updates the older sequences - oftentimes at a nominal cost and occasionally free of charge. The token system allows me the flexibility to choose what I like and skip what I don’t like. I’ve not run out of fresh content yet and expect to continue to subscribe because of this.
    Geoffrey Edge
  5. XTreem Sequences are 2nd to none when it comes to attention to detail. Rons ability to translate music into light is like no other sequence club out there. I'm on my 2nd year of lights and membership has allowed me to impress the neighbourhood with a unique light show. The price per sequence for members is great value, along with the vendor discounts it's a no brainer.
  6. Third year running and still the most xTreme Sequences out there. Value for Money Ron's sequences are by far the best i have come across. His dedication to getting the ultimate from the HD props allow the Sequence to be mapped easily to many props. Don't let the price put you of the X Tokens work out great value and i will no doubt be signing up next year when its renewal time again. Thanks Again Ron and xTtreme Sequences for allowing a Brit to bring a little bit of Lighting Magic to The UK.........
    Steve Parberry
    Submitted 15-10-2022 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  7. This will be our 3rd year with a show and from the beginning after much looking around and pondering we chose xTreme Sequences to create and do due diligence to our display. We have tried and used other vendors as well and although they are good too, very few will really give you the "feels" quite like Ron's sequences do. We started small with not much more than a house outline and less than 3000 pixels (and are still considered small although we have tripled or size currently) and it didn't matter. I even asked Ron to if he could show what a few of his sequences would look like without all of the high-density props and he accommodated that for us. Customer service is something not always seen but is very evident here. Our display looked and continues to look amazing! Ron's sequences have something in them for everyone and can be scaled as your display grows over the years. We still don't have a mega tree or big matrix and it doesn't matter, the sequences still make our display look awesome. We are very picky in our choices of what we want to share with the community and as you get to know Ron, you will see that he truly sequences from the heart and it really shows in the products he continues to put out there. We are so glad that we made the choice and continue to choose xTreme Sequences and Ron Howard to make our show what it is today and the compliments that we have received every year continue to validate that we made the right choice as well.
    Paul Bryant-Ott
    Submitted 15-10-2022 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  8. The annual membership is definitely the way to go. The xtream sequences are by far and away the best out there and have really taken my show to the next level and beyond, and by having the annual membership they workbout at such great value.
  9. The annual membership is certainly the way to go with this sequence vendor! You'll never run out of awesome sequences to use AND you're able to download and select them at your own leisure. The cost savings in a membership, along with lifetime use of any sequences purchased, is well worth it if you're new to animated lighting or a seasoned veteran. Highly recommend.
    Eric Langness
    Submitted 15-10-2022 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  10. Ron sequences are the best in the industry… bar none!!! His ability to tell a story with lights is amazing! Don’t look anywhere else for the sequences or help building your show!!!
    Eric M
  11. Ron's attention to detail on each sequence is by far the best of all sequencers in the entire Xlights community. No matter how many or few pixels you have on your house it will look amazing. The club membership makes the cost per sequence very affordable.
    Patrick Hagy
    Submitted 18-03-2022 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  12. I’ve invested a decent amount of money into pixels and props so spending money on professional sequences was a no brainer. The annual membership is the way to go as it will save you a lot of money verses buying individual sequences. Also, sequences from Xtreme Sequences will take your light show to the next level. Highly recommended the annual membership.
    Erik Goodwin
  13. Ron's memberships value awesome.... with his amazing sequencing skills and customer service you won't find a better option than with Xtreme Sequences!
    Eric Meyer
    Submitted 19-10-2021 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  14. 2 years into this hobby and I was gravitating towards Ron's sequences, more so than any other vendor. I bit the bullet and purchased an annual membership and have ZERO regrets. His sequences are by far the best and well worth the benefits of an annual membership!
    Jennifer Friday
    Submitted 18-10-2021 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  15. The annual membership is probably the best deal on the market. Between the number of sequences you can get with your membership and the fact you get to pick whatever sequence you want with your tokens, it honestly is a no brained. One thing not talked about much is the fact you get discounts at multiple vendors with the membership. That alone has paid for my xtreme sequence membership this year alone.
    Brad L.
  16. Xtremesequences is where it is at. Ron does some great work on the sequences he provides. He also helps you out, whether its to help map your display to the sequence, answer a question about using xlights, or to review how to set up props in the yard. It is a one stop shop.
  17. I have been an annual member now for a couple of year and started with a small display which has grown to a bigger than small display. The nice thing about Ron sequences is that there are plenty of props in his layouts so that when you grow, they will grow with you. In addition, when you watch a extreme Sequence you can feel the emotion that Ron has put into them. I will be a member for life as the price of the membership is worth it weight in Pixels.
    Lorne Counter
    Submitted 17-10-2021 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  18. I first met Ron before he was into sequencing this deep as a fellow lighting enthusiast. Not only was he welcoming to me personally, he is incredibly helpful in more ways than just sequencing. If you're looking for state-of-the-art current sequences, especially in the high density Gilbert Engineering/Boscoyo props, then you've found the right place. I have enjoyed my annual membership for three years running and await Ron's latest inclusions with interest. Thanks for keeping my display current with your xTreme talents.
    Patrick Haywood
    Submitted 17-10-2021 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  19. The Money Spent on the annual memberships is some of the best money i have spent on this hobby. I would recommend xtreme sequences to anyone doing this hobby.
    Submitted 17-10-2021 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  20. Annual membership well worth the money. !
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