Choice Annual Sequence Club


xTreme Membership Benefits

  • Tokens never expire for paid-up members
  • All Premium xLights Sequences 1 xToken each
  • At least one new sequence added each month
  • 10% Discount Gilbert Engineering USA - All Products
  • 10% Discount Holiday Supply Shop - Controller Builds
  • 10% Discount Wally's Lights
  • 10% Discount Your Pixel Store
  • 10% Discount RGBMan
  • 10% Discount Holiday Lighting. Shop
  • 10% Discount Build A Light Show
  • 10% Discount Coro Graphic Canada
  • 10% Discount Christmas Props Australia
  • 5% Discount Kulp Lights
  • 5% Discount Wizard of Wire
  • Huge Savings!!! Ewitide Productions 
  • Free Preset Effects 
  • 50% off xFFects Packs
  • 30% off HD Add-Ons
  • 20% off Mega Tree Effects Packs

Additional Information

As a Annual Member you will be issued 12 xTokens every year that never expire as long as you remain a paid up member.

We don't make you choose between sequences every month.

Singing Faces, Storyline Trees, Storyline Matrices, and Effects Packs sold separately.

Please read the details section to see what is included. Many of the new sequences include singing faces.

HD Add-Ons are redeemable with 1 xToken each from Member's Area.


I attended Ron's Mapping Class at the ELF Mini 2023. I thought I knew a lots about Xlights, but I was astonished about how much I learned in this session; and gained some really foundation knowledge that is going to transform how I map and...

Mark Sutton
September 2023

What a hero Ron is, Wasn't fully sure what to expect from the class but learnt so much in such a sort time. Ron takes all the time needed to make sure everyone in the class is on the same page and always answers all questions as going along while...

James Hiscott
September 2023

As someone who is interested in sequencing and enjoys it but rarely has the time to open xlights, let alone create the magic I want to, Ron's class was incredible - not just showing what he does to achieve amazing sequences, but also showing how...

Cathie Burgess
September 2023

This is so much more than a testimonial for Ron's sequencing abilities. When I received the call that we were on the show, I realized I didn't just have 6 weeks to get my display up. I had six weeks to put up the best display I've ever done!...

A Castle Christmas GCLF Season 10 Champion
December 2022

Well as I started this journey Into the Unknown, I wasn't sure what to expect. Sequencing isn't a Thriller for me. When I finally made the decisions to give Ron sequences a try, I was amazed. The lights on My House look incredible. Ron's...

Tim Green
October 2022

I've been a member of Ron's since he first started, he was good then but now there's no doubt in my mind he's just the best in the business. The attention to detail and the empathy he has for the music is second to none. I have bought new props...

Steve Henshall
October 2022

We have been members of Xtreme Sequences for a few years now. There are so many small details that really bring our show to life thanks to Ron's work. We have a lot of HD props thanks to the sequences Ron has created and love the creativity he...

Audra Burton
October 2022

I've been doing a holiday display on my home for 5 years now and my show has grown over the years. From 6000 pixels my first year to just over 21000 now it has become a large display that I'm very proud to call my own. Every year my investment...

Albert Barone
October 2022

xTreme Sequences always delivers top notch sequences. We use several of them in both our Halloween and Christmas shows. Fantasmic was the 1st sequence I ever purchased and Ron made it so easy to import and it looks amazing on our house. Thanks...

Robert Wolf
October 2022

Being an annual member of the xTreme Sequences Club has been an amazing experience. Ron is constantly putting out new selections for both Halloween and Christmas giving me the opportunity to grow both of my shows. His attention to detail is the...

Lorne Counter
October 2022

I’ve been an annual member now for 2 years and Extreme Sequences have taken my modest little light show to a whole different level. The quality is unmatched in the lighting community. Not only that, with the vendor discounts, my annual...

Kitty C.
October 2022

I have been an annual member of xTreme Sequences for about 3 years now and I am continually delighted by the quality of sequences that Ron produces. 2020 was my first year doing a light show and starting with 10000 pixels I put a lot of pressure...

Mat Richards
October 2022

Xtreme sequences is by far the most bang for your buck. I started pixels about 5 years ago and my show was ok using some of the free sequences available online. I became a annual member a few years ago and wow my audience loves the detail in the...

Ryan antonioni
October 2022

Ive used Ron's sequences for a few years now. His use of HD props added with his skills will bring your show to a whole new level. He has the dedication and knowledge of sequences that will leave all who see your show wanting more, and trust me,...

Kevin J
October 2022

I have done Christmas shows for almost ten years now but three years ago I moved into pixels. I’m an engineer by trade but simply don’t have the time or artistic inclination to put together a quality sequence. My time is valuable to me and...

Geoffrey Edge
October 2022

XTreem Sequences are 2nd to none when it comes to attention to detail. Rons ability to translate music into light is like no other sequence club out there. I'm on my 2nd year of lights and membership has allowed me to impress the neighbourhood...

October 2022

Third year running and still the most xTreme Sequences out there. Value for Money Ron's sequences are by far the best i have come across. His dedication to getting the ultimate from the HD props allow the Sequence to be mapped easily to...

Steve Parberry
October 2022

Fantastic Sequences Every time! Great attention to detail, Lots to choices to map to. Doesn’t just throw everything on the main model, sub models for days and only uses whole house effects with class for certain parts of songs. I would recommend...

Jeff Banbor
October 2022

This will be our 3rd year with a show and from the beginning after much looking around and pondering we chose xTreme Sequences to create and do due diligence to our display. We have tried and used other vendors as well and although they are good...

Paul Bryant-Ott
October 2022

Ron lives and breath’s animated lights. He regularly posts quick help videos all the time to help people. The little quick Monday minutes and the new version of xlights reviews are so helpful. He is always more than willing to help those who ask...

Jim Bergh
October 2022