xTreme Sequences Testimonials

I ran LOR last year and decided I wanted to dive into the xLights pixel world this year. I stumbled across Ron Howard with Xtreme Sequeneces website. I’ve watched countless tutorial videos to help get me up to speed that came with the learning curve of everything being new. Definitely very informative and his sequences are on a different level compared to the competition out there!

I have been doing pixel displays for a few years now and I am good on the hardware side but on the sequencing side I lack. I have several of Ron's sequences and they are beautiful. He has a great talent for making the songs come alive and draw you in to the music with how he artfully programs the lights to dance and move with the music. Thank you Ron from xTreme Sequences for making my show that much better. I get great comments from my viewers of my show and it is usually from the songs that Ron has done.

This is my first year using pixels and xlights. I sat in on one of Ron's classes and saw how easy he made it to map any of his sequences to my layout. I joined his club and was able to choose from the best sequences in the business. I am looking forward to many more years of ease and fun using xtreme sequences for my light show. Than ks Ron for making it so easy !

This was my first year having a light show and Ron's sequences were a hit in my show! There are alot of good vendors to choose from in this hobby but his style fits my taste the most. The skrillex medley by far is the most popular in my show. The help ron also provides is unparalleled and hes a funny guy too!

I used Ron for a consultation during his conception about power injection, setting up props and controllers, the use of 5 volt and 12 volt pixels. At the time it was still over my head. I don't use xlights, I use LOR. For my brain I get the same results with less headaches but that's to each his own. Ron is more than a sequence selling entity. He has a base of knowledge for all aspects of the lighting community.

Even though I'm full AC. This gets me excited for what is to become. I purchased 2 sequences for New year's and without doing a lot of modeling at all. You could tell how much hard work went into making it. I'm sure once I step into the pixel my display and your sequences will make my display a must see. Thank you Ron for all your technical support too

Using Ron's sequences now for 2 years and had never had any disappointment. If I ran into a problem, his response was as fast as can be !! Compared to others in this business, his site and support are a example for others. Keep up the awesome job Ron !!!

Absolutely outstanding! You simply cannot fault Ron and his professionalism, attention to detail and love of the lighting industry. I engaged Ron to help custom sequence and layout my display in Xlights for a display all the way in Tasmania Australia and you simply couldn’t ask for anything more from an international business! He was always available to ensure we could communicate with the different time zones, helped with any advice he could with building props and wiring, etc, done some of the coolest sequences you could ever lay eyes on!! He is one very talented and lovely man and I hope one day we can meet in person so I can shake his hand and say thank you in person! Will 110% be using Ron for any future projects with pixel displays.

I used 3 Xtremesequences songs this year in my show. The fan favorite was Toy Shack by Bob Rivers. The level of detail they go into for each and every prop is amazing. The Rosa Wreath is just non stop and stunning in that song and it actually helped people realize there’s other props in my display other than the mega tree! I want to take a moment to personally thank their team for everything they do and for making my display have a couple of stand out sequences!

I’ve been working with animating lighting for just over 1 year and I absolutely love the way Ron does his sequences!! He makes so many unique effects and the way he mixes things together is truly amazing!! I’ve received so many compliments about how great the lights and songs were on my display this year and that’s all thanks to Ron!! I’ve also had some questions along the way and Ron was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and responded right away! I would highly recommend him to anyone out there that’s looking for sequences or that needs consultation services.

Next level sequences! Ron’s sequences map so well to my display including A.C props. Support from Ron is also great always quick to respond to emails and so many “How to” video available on the web from him. Il be back for more this year that’s for sure...

I found that Ron was one very understanding consultant the time zone difference between Uk and USA made no difference as Ron was always willing to accommodate me even when there was bush fires close by to his home. Ron spent a good few hours teaching & showing me the way to adapt ( map ) sequences to my layout for the show . He is a great bloke in my opinion well done Ron ?

I live in the Uk and one of my items on my bucket list was to be able to do a pixel light show ( I been doing static shows for some 30+ years ) Ron Howard help me fulfil this dream , with out his great patience and understanding using some of his fabulous sequences teaching me how to map them on my display, I would not have been able to do it , not only did Ron show me the best and most efficient way to use xlights he also help me with the pc work needed for my shows to run smoothly

I have a large display in Australia. I spend most of my year building and testing new props. Two years ago I started using Sequences from Ron and this year I standardized on them. I did not have any time to do the mapping so I asked Ron to do it for me. He stepped up and made it happen quickly considering I waited until mid-October. He was very professional and communicated very well. I am always a bit dubious when working with someone from the US out of Australia based on time zones. Ron was always available. The best part is the feedback we had from everyone that visited our display. They loved the colours and sequencing. If fact we won the best Synchronised display in all of Brisbane. I will definitely be using his services and sequences again in 2020. I am looking forward to seeing what new sequence we will have to choose from this year.

Ron and his services never disappoint. I have been in this hobby for awhile and he is alway there to help. Great sequences, great communication. Alway a crowd favorite. Thank you Ron.

I’m fairly new to this hobby, and I haven’t had a chance to map the sequences to my house yet, but I love them in preview, and I’m excited to see them on my house next Holiday season!

This was our first year doing pixels for the holidays. Mapping Xtreme Sequences to our layout was easy. We used several sequences in both our Halloween and Christmas displays. We love them, our neighbors love them, what more could you ask for?

This is my second year of lights. Previously I downloaded a couple of sequences from the Google drive, then this year I added more with singing elements and I needed something to show off these new singing bulbs. I found Xtremesequences were not to difficult to map to my show. I have found more confidence by this method and the understanding to develop my show further.

This is my first year doing any sort of light show. It was a large undertaking and I looked at many different websites and groups for information. I knew I wasn't going to have time to put it all together and build my own sequences. I visited some of the different sites that had sequences for sale and purchased some from another site. They worked but didn't really have that wow factor I was looking for in my light show. I decided to try one of Ron's sequences and it absolutely blew me away with the profession look and unique effects. I purchased additional sequences and built a great first year show with the sequences from Ron. In addition to providing sequences that are amazing, Ron has been beyond helpful by providing information and support for lighting hobbyists. He has always promptly responded to emails and posts information on various groups to help people out. It's amazing how much he wants to help people get into the hobby and how patient he is with newbies. I'm already planning my show for next year and plan to use more of Ron's sequences. I"m anxiously waiting to see if I can get a membership in his sequence club so I can add more of these amazing sequences. Thank you Ron for everything that you do for this hobby!

Ron is AWESOME! Last year (2018) was my first year doing any type of lights or sequences and I had a million questions. Ron helped me numerous times, remoted into my computer on multiple occasions utilizing zoom and not only helped me but took the time to teach me as well. I ended up buying several sequences from Ron in 2018 and 2019 and they were amazing! Thank You Sir for all your help!

Ron creates some of the most powerful and moving sequences that map easily to your own display. xTremesequences really does take your display to a whole other level.

Awesome sequences. They are easy to implement into my show and I appreciate that everything is not just a whole house effect. If you have a large prop, such as a Rosa's Wreath, the attention to detail in some of the effects is absolutely amazing!

Started my pixel display in 2015 with just some simple sequences but knew there was more out there. I found Ron through a Facebook group in 2018 and saw the amount of detail he put in his sequences and was extremely happy with how easy it was to map to my display. I’ve been using his sequences for two years now. It’s a great investment and does wonders for your display! His help and tutorials are an amazing too!!

When I first got into the hobby, I thought buying sequences was an absolute waste of money! But after I made my first sequence, I quickly realized how much money I lost in the form of time. There are plenty of free sequences floating around, but I guarantee your spectators will see the difference between an Xtreme Sequence, and anything else! I only regret not becoming a member before it sold out!

I have been doing light shows for years.. 2018 was my first venture into pixels. Ron was quick to help! He was eager to answer all my questions and get me going. And very patient as this hobby can be overwhelming for those getting started. Aside from his consulting, his sequencing is top-notch.I lack the artistic side to sequence so mapping his wizardry to my display was perfect and quite easy. Highly recommend!

I started looking into pixels a couple of year ago, without much luck I put it to the side. Then I seen a couple of Ron’s videos and was blown away. Right around that time he was just starting Xtreme sequences. I messaged him, and without hesitation he spent about 20-30 minutes with me. Ron answered all my questions in detail and in a way that I could understand.

I have been using LOR for the last four years and wanted something more for my show. I did a ton of research and sent Ron a request for consultation assistance. I also sent requests to a few other companies and after talking with Ron through email and Zoom, I decided to use him in revamping and converting my show to xlights. He even took me on very late in the season. His sequences and mappings are outstanding. He is very helpful in adding new props and controllers. I happened to have a controller start acting up on me and he suggested a Falcon controller because of its xlights integration. During one of our Zoom calls, he guided me through the process of setting up the new Falcon controller . This has been one of the smartest things I’ve added to my show. Although I don’t have a lot of props in my show yet, Ron has made it very easy to add on. Without his assistance, I would’ve never been able to make to switch to xlights. I highly recommend Ron and xtremesequences for their consultation services as well as their many sequences available.

An annual membership with Xtreme Sequences is quite simply the first investment any individual or organization planning an animated Christmas lighting display should consider. His sequences are masterful and very easily mapped to any display layout small or large. Beyond that, he goes so far above and beyond the call of duty in assisting you as you navigate through the challenge of taking your display from concept to reality. He is knowledgeable and happy to provide assistance on any aspect of the endeavor. He is very talented at making complicated technical issues easy to understand. Xtreme Sequences and Ron Howard enjoy my highest recommendations.

This was my first year with Xlights and pixels. I did LOR for 14 years. What I wanted to comment on is the quality of the sequences from Ron. I purchased the House on Christmas Street. I liked the way he sequenced the song and wanted it in my show. I am in phase 1 of my new pixel layout, roof line and windows outline. I will add the other props as I build them. I am still in the early stages of the learning process of sequencing in Xlights, so I did something that took longer than importing the sequences. I coped and pasted each prop from Ron's sequence to my layout. This was a good learning experience for me. It was not difficult. As I completed the window frames, I would run the sequence to see how things looked. My first impression was, oh now, how is this going to look. As I completed the window frames, I could mentally see the results in my head. It did not come visually together until I had the roof outline complete. I thought this is looking awesome. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the results and will continue to purchase sequences from Ron. Even though I only had the windows frames and roof outline, I had cars stopping in front of the house watching the show. Thank you Ron for sharing your talents of sequencing in Xlights.

2019 was my first year doing complete pixels display. I was a LOR member for several years and decided to convert to Xlights. I’m the type of guy that wants the best and always outdo myself every year. I did a lot of research, reading reviews and watching videos. Living in Hawaii, I don’t have the resources due to limited number of pixel shows and restrictions on shipping. Out of the many professional sequence business services, I decided to work with Ron from xTreme Sequences. His sequences are totally awesome! In the first meeting, Ron assessed my needs and goals to fit my display. He encouraged me to start small but I decided to go 16,000 lights. He taught me a lot, with a focus on the basics of troubleshooting. When you zoom with him, he tends to talk to himself as he works through the process so hang on! Many people who come to see the display compliment us on a spectacular show. This has encouraged me to upgrade and make it even better! I highly recommend his services. Aloha

Wow is the first word that comes to mind when I think about the professional services of Ron. December 2018 was when my misus and I decided to get into this crazy light world only to realise it was never going to happen in 2019. Then I met Ron - dreams then became reality. Living in Australia I thought it will be hard with Ron but Ron was there for me at all times regardless of the time difference and he went above and beyond his service to make sure as a first timer I was up there in what I was doing. Ron is a lovely family man as well from my year of knowing him and truly makes Christmas lights fun to follow yet affordable as well. I will recommend Ron’s service to anyone whether first timer or not (yes even if I have to die for it), that’s because I know what he offers and his services are genuinely unique. Looking forward for another year with him. ??????

First of all I what to thank Ron for all he does. Last year was my first year with xlights and without Ron I don't think I could have done it on my own. There is a lot of videos and support in different groups on facebook, but I found that Ron took the time to understand what my needs were and help me learn in a way that I could comprehend. Whether it was the one on one talks or his web videos or just our weekly group talks I was able to build and put together a show that I could be proud of. Thanks again Ron!