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  1. Extreme sequences is my big easy button. I set up my show and Ron does his magic. I import and shuckalucka BAMaLAMA! Show is ready. Thank you [email protected] sequences!!
    Jeff Woolums
  2. This is my 3rd year in RGB pixels and 1st year as an annual member. Xtreme Sequences is by far the most detailed sequencing at the sub model level / HD prop level to really make your display pop. Great selection of songs and you choose which songs you want to put in your lineup. Songs are easy to map to your display. Awesome how to videos and large Facebook group following for support.
    David Motter
    Submitted 17-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  3. I've been an annual member since Ron started the annual membership. I use only his sequences in my display. Why would I use any others when I already have the best? I have Ron to thank for my house being displayed on season 8 of The Great Christmas Light Fight! Thanks Ron! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
    Roger DeBolt
  4. Welllll let me be the first to say without blowing sunshine up ur ...... lol..... never an issue great organization, Ron kinda knows his stuff lol.....actually never had any issues top notch service
  5. My second year using Ron’s sequences . There really is no other sequencer who provides the detail across multiple display elements like Ron does. Always provides great support to the lighting community across social media or direct via email. The annual membership is also a great option if time is of the essence. 5 stars from me.
    Martin Penney
  6. This will be my first year in the hobby, so signing up to the annual membership from Ron has been a massive help for me as well as having assistance from him with other issues I have encountered. His sequences are absolutely mind-blowing and having mapped them across to my layout with great ease, I know that our audience is going to be blown away with what they see. Many Thanks Ron
    Simon Jones
  7. Ron’s sequences are second to none. The inclusion of high density props and his ability to manipulate effects make these sequences stand out above others. As a new person to the hobby this year Ron has given a huge amount of help with setting things up and is always more than willing to offer guidance and assistance.
    Matthew Richards
    Submitted 17-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  8. Ron does some amazing work, especially on really detailed high density props. If you are looking for some spectacular and detailed effects you cannot go wrong with Ron’s sequencing I also love that you can choose which sequences you want to get with your tokens when you join the club and aren’t forced to have your songs picked for you on a monthly basis. Xtreme is the best bang for the buck.
    Mark Harnishfeger
  9. Ron is a true master at sequencing and the value he provides for an annual membership is a no brainer. His sequences not only look great on any layout but also tell a story.
    Michael Ouellette
  10. Xtreme Sequences is the greatest and best sequence services you can have. The sequences they provide are the most Xtreme sequence you can have for your light show either residential or commercial. I have their annual membership and it pays for itself with all the great discounts I get with their vendor partnership and I get around 8-12 sequences annually which is a deal for me. So go sign up and join a great membership with great support.
    James Blue
  11. I have been a member of xTremeSequences since the beginning and I now have many sequences from the early years to the present. There has been many upgrades to the style of sequencing and especially with the High Density props. The sequences are way above the quality found elsewhere and will take you show to the next level.
    Neil Richards
    Submitted 17-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  12. Ron is very knowledgeable and patient with new hobbyist. Designing, planning, and helping coordinate with his preferred vendors has been very easy process to go thru acquiring props, accessories, and equipment. I'm starting with a 25k light setup and Ron has been nothing but exceptional to work with. Fast responses with questions and concerns...Customer Service is Top Notch!!
    Ken Broniak
    Submitted 17-08-2020 in Consultation Testimonials
  13. Became a annual member this year and now switching a lot of props to GE to get the great effects of the sequence. Great customer service !!!
    Submitted 17-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  14. 5 stars no doubt. While I love all Ron's sequences, its a lot more than that for me. Belonging in the Facebook group page , being able to ask questions directly, seeing his work on his own show, and just the fun interactions that take place is enough to justify joining in the first place. His humor and modesty are above most.
    Jason Brown
  15. I love designing and making props and all the wiring, soldering etc but when it comes to sequencing I’m totally lost. I haven’t a musical bone in my body so it’s a real struggle. Ron to the rescue! I just don’t know how Ron has the time, patience and skill to produce his sequences, they are completely beyond me and without them my show would be nothing. So thanks Ron, help keep my show the best in my city!
    Steve Henshall
  16. Rons sequences are some of the best i have used. They always get the most compliments. Now that my layout is filled with high density props i find myself waiting for more and more from Ron. He also keeps up with a variety of props and sequence styles. He is always ahead of the game and any time i had issues he always helps without question. I have been a member of the sequence club since day one and probably have 80% of his current sequences already. Keep up the great work.
    Brian wendowski
  17. Ron’s sequences are simply incredible. They are a must have if you own any high density props as Ron's effects are unmatched in quality by any other sequence vendors. I’m very proud to have xtreme sequences in my show.
    Finn Hoenigmann
  18. Very cool sequences with the ability to chose what you want when you want. Ron is very quick to respond to question and emails which is better than most in this hobby! You can tell he puts a lot of time, effort and thought into each sequence.
    Larry Kopowski
    Submitted 17-08-2020 in Annual Membership Testimonials
  19. Top-notch sequencer. Ron spends hours and hours perfecting sequences so us busy folk can just map and go.
    Josh heller
  20. Ron is the master at making props dance have bought sequences in the past Highly recommended!!!
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