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  1. I had bought a beautiful sequence that Xtremesequences had done, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. While the sequence itself was beautiful, my father-in-law passed away on December 5th, and it was his wish that we have a light show. Somewhere Over the Rainbow has now become our tribute to "Pa" and I am grateful for the detail that is put into the sequence.
    Bobby Galeza
  2. 2019 was my first year with Pixels. I used 2 sequences from Ron and had a very easy time adapting them to my tiny display. Besides great sequences, he is also a great help with the multitude of user error problems. Thanks Ron!
    Steve Webster
    Submitted 13-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  3. I am new to pixels and sequences this year. Ron has the best sequences and great variety. Ron uses some of the same props from GE so it is easy mapping from sequences to my setup. Highly recommended. Adding mega tree next year and just need to remap sequences.
    James Brennan
  4. I've purchased sequences from 5 different creators and I can say without a doubt that Ron's are the best. I had 6 of his sequences in my playlist this year. He pays attention to details and puts effects on all of the props, not just the megatree and the house. This means that you have a more expressive show and your audience will be better entertained. Ron has the ability to interpret the music and bring out emotion like no other. I had one woman viewer say that the sequence "Over the Rainbow" brought her to tears. And, while he does current music and rock he never forgets the classic Christmas music that people love so much.
    Chuck Ackerman
    Submitted 13-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  5. Very happy with the sequences we have purchased and will definitely be buying more for our show. Easy import, very cool effects. Great job!!!
    Chad Morgan
  6. So we purchased the Home Alone Carol. What great fun it was. We ended up with thousands of cars this season, and this was one of the most asked for sequences all season. I can't wait to add more lights for next year. These are really unique sequences and very detailed.
    Jay Greathouse
  7. Ron has such a great talent for sequencing shows that are brilliant and entertaining for the audience. I am new to RGB after just getting 48 channels in LOR figured out. What a cool gift he is to those of us newbies and his sequences brought our matrix and CCR tree come to life! I highly recommend Extreme Sequences to anyone wanting to dazzle their viewers!
    Garren Cuthrell
    Submitted 13-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  8. Towards the end of December I ran out of time to sequence. I has always looked at Ron's sequence, and decided to purchase a couple. After mapping them, the sequences were a great hit, everyone had a comment to various parts. I would like to thanks Ron, keep up the good work. . Len
  9. Ron has a unique way of bringing lights to life through his talent of sequencing which he has only acquired in a short period of time and only getting better. I highly recommend Ron and his xTreme Sequencing services to help enhance your show which will surely help entertain your visitors!
    Steven M Stern
  10. Ron has sequenced 8 songs for us in the past two years. He has a unique talent and a master of the pixel. Top notch sequencing you won't find any better! Looking forward to more of his sequencing over the years to come. Best money I have spent on my display so far, his sequences are the hit of my show and always are the one's that are commented on.
    James Waits
    Submitted 12-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  11. Having just completed my first successful show this year from having ZERO experience in any form of Christmas Lighting and after raising €6,500 for Charity I am so thankful for Ron, he was instrumental in this success. Every week he selflessly gave up his time to provide in-depth training to folks all over the world. The training sessions were well structured and throughout the year no question was "stupid" and he repeated the answers as many times as the same question was asked - patience of a Saint - especially when dealing with the "quirky" humour of the European faction!!! The quality of his work is second to none - it's a pleasure to see the amount of effort he put's into each sequence and the amount of thing's you can learn from him and his sequences is worth every cent. Thank's again Ron for everything in 2019, looking forward to a long & fruitful relationship in 2020 !!
    James Carrick
    Submitted 12-01-2020 in Consultation Testimonials
  12. I have 7 or more of Ron's Sequences from over the last couple of years. His sequences are always top notch and hit of our show. Mapping the sequences into my layout has always been easy and quick. Ron keeps up with the progression in this hobby. Weather it is new props that become popular or with new techniques in sequencing, such as multiple layers in props. When I met Ron at our Minnesota Mini last summer you could really the feel his passion for this hobby and the willingness to help us all improve our shows. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next. Thanks Ron
    Robert Blank
    Submitted 12-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  13. Xtreme sequences has some of the best sequences and effects out there. Very happy to have added a couple of his sequences to my display this year. Everyone loved them. I'm sure I'll be adding more of them in the future. Thanks for everything Ron!
    Ron Nelson
    Submitted 12-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  14. I have being using LOR for years but moved to the pixel world this year and thanks to Ron’s sequences it made my life so much easier since I still use LED static along with RGB now and the sequences were a big help thanks again Ron
    Mary Groth
  15. This was my first year doing a pixel light show and while small Xtreme sequence's work fit my show perfectly just as it does any show no matter the size. Ron Howard is always there for you every step of the way no matter what you need help with. Xtreme sequences are top-notch and they bring every pixel and every prop to its fullest potential. If you want to wow your neighbors, friends, and family and bring smiles to everyone I highly recommend Xtreme sequences.
    Shane Howell
  16. I love pre-made xLights sequences from Ron Howard and Xtreme Sequences. They are always the most requested sequences from my viewers. Ron has an outgoing personality and is a wonderful family man. Most of all, Ron always take care of his customers. You just can’t go wrong with a sequence from Xtreme Sequences. Thanks Ron.
    Mike Connolly - Papa's Holiday Lights
    Submitted 12-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  17. They have great pre-made sequences, quick service, and help when you need it. I lost my files and they have them stored for quick downloads. Thanks, Extreme Sequences.
    Paul Wilhoite
  18. When I started this hobby I didn’t know there was someone out there making sequences. I plodded along with my own efforts but was never really pleased with the results. Then I found xTreme sequences and this group. I bought a sequence which was on offer and it was several levels above what I was doing. I loved it. I bought more over last few months in readiness for my 2020 show. Ron puts so much work into his sequences that is how he makes them so amazing. Not only that, but he puts so much into the community through Zoom meeting, tutorials and help though the groups.
    Robert John Milton
    Submitted 11-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  19. My audience and I have been very impressed with Ron’s sequences from the start! The attention to detail is superb, the additional submodels often making the difference between a good sequence and a great one! I even had a lighting designer from the BBC comment on how professional my show looked.. thanks again Ron, look forward to working with you on our 2020 Show!
    Greg Macaree
    Submitted 11-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
  20. I have been designing light shows since the early days of Vixen when ramp up/down of dumb light strings was high-tech! Coincidentally that is about the extent of my artistic eye. I am a musician and while I love sequencing and find it fun I am limited by my 'artistic eye' as my artistic ability lies more in my ear for the music. I found the 'light canvas' I painted unimaginative and frankly boring. My sequences tended to blind my audiences with "BRIGHT" or splash them with colors that didn't match the mood....as I just COULD NOT see how to apply my 'light brush' to give my display an artistic look. I would have to say I was drawing stick men in the yard and with Ron's sequences I've now found water color landscapes! The reaction from my crowds is remarkable and they wonder what new technology I've discovered that allows such attention to detail and nuisance with the music. The musician in me is especially appreciative of Ron's ability to make his effects music-centric... If a light show to music isn't showing the 'beat' to some degree it's no better than fireworks to music which I've never found synchronized to any appreciable degree. Ron's sequences leave no doubt that they are integrated with the music! Simply AWESOME eye and ear coordination! As time has passed I have incorporated some of Ron's techniques in my own sequences and what was fun before has now become a pure pleasure. While I still don't have the artistic eye at least when I intersperse my sequences in with Ron's my sequences are now exponentially better than in the past. They still lack the eye that Ron puts to the 'light canvas' but are at much better now. The good news is I know where to go when I want something spectacular. One last thought. I spent years as a customer service consultant so I understand and KNOW good customer service when I see it. Ron is 'Johnny On The Spot' when it comes to questions about how or why he set something up the way he did. I know many top companies who pale in comparison with Ron's customer relations/service. His 'trick' is simple. He cares!
    Carl Garrett
    Submitted 11-01-2020 in Sequence Testimonials
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